iMovie Trailers

*Note - You can create these via the iMovie app for the iPhone/iPod/iPad and ONLY on iMovie for MAC OS X 10.7.*

Using iMovie to make movie trailers is not only fun, but can be utilized in many ways in a classroom setting. As a teacher, you can create a movie trailer for getting students interested or excited about a new topic, experiment, or book. By letting students create their own iMovie trailers, they can put an exciting feel on communicating content knowledge while using higher order thinking skills to push them into the "D" quadrant. Students could easily create iMovie trailers for book talks and presentations in any class.

Things to think about...

1. Make sure that you have expectations in place
2. Have students create a script before even touching the program! For an iMovie Trailer, there is NO's all about the words on the screen and the shots the students take.
3. Working in groups for this project is recommended


Here is an iMovie Trailer that I made to announce to family and friends that my wife and I are pregnant with our second baby.

Here is an iMovie Trailer that students created in Mrs. Madrigal's class for a book trailer on James Patterson's Maximum Ride.

Here is an iMovie Trailer that a teacher made about soil and the layers that make it up.

Here are two iMovie Trailers that Bob Lawson created - one for a football game and the other to promote field hockey. These were then used on the morning announcements.


1. Click on the + Button and you can choose "New Project" or "New Trailer." We will be choosing "New Trailer."
external image 4.png

2. You can choose from nine different themes. Choices range from "Fairy Tale" to "Scary." If you would like to preview the theme, simply click on the play button after choosing your theme.
external image 5.png

3. Once your theme opens, you will have to enter information for your outline. Just click to add your information! After you are done with your outline information, click on "Storyboard." There will be default titles, change them as you see fit. Then start dumping your video clips into the pre-fabricated storyboard that is waiting for you.
external image YES.png
external image 2.png

4. Once you are done with your Storyboard and Outline, you can go back to your gallery. Click on the box with the arrow that is pointing out.
external image 6.png

5. You will then have a variety of options as to where you want to send your trailer.
external image 1.png


Storyboarding worksheet (from Bob Lawson)

This worksheet will help your students plan for any video creation project.

Templates for iMovie Trailers

Storyboard for Narrative Trailer

Storyboard for Superhero Trailer

Storyboard for Expedition Trailer